Proxmox Arm64 Unofficial

This is an unofficial Proxmox arm64 Repository

Installation Instructions for Raspberry Pi4: tested on RPi4 withs 4GB and 8GB of memory together with btrfs Filesystem Preparation.

  • Preparation of an USB or SD-Card:
    download daily debian bookworm 12 arm64 build from there:
    write downloaded image directly to medium (to USB device or SD Card)
    dd if=raspi_4_bookworm.img.xz of=/dev/sda1 (or /dev/mmcXX device)
    mount /dev/sda1 /media (or similar for mmcXX)
    chroot /media
    passwd root
    nano /etc/hostname (modifie the needed hostname)
    nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config (PermitRootLogin yes) enable
    apt update && apt install btrfs-progs (if possible with chroot)
    btrfs-convert /dev/sda1
    nano /etc/fstab (change root filesystem from ext4 to btrfs with defaults)
    btrfs volume resize max / (to use the complete disk for btrfs)

Best way to do the preparation is using a running Bookworm with btrfs-progs installed on a second disk. I have done this with booted USB Flash Drive and a second connected USB Stick Adapter for preparing SDCard (mmc device which is shown as secondary (/dev/sdb)

import the unofficial Repository GPG Key
nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pveport.list (add the unofficial Proxmox 8 arm repo)

nano /etc/hosts (add the static IP with hostname like:) RPi-01-PVE (this is needed to properly install ifupdown2 package)

modify /etc/network/interfaces to not check the /etc/network/interfaces.d/ directory
it contains eth0 and wlan file per default

apt update && apt upgrade
apt install open-iscsi postfix ksmtuned chrony ifupdown2 proxmox-ve

do not reboot before you have modify the /etc/network/interfaces f
you can directly modify it from Proxmox Web page
https://RPi-01-PVE:8006 (login with root credentials)


Danke Nessaja,

wird das Repository auch updated wenn neue Pakete von Proxmox raus kommen?


Hi Dennis, I was joined to Jiang Cuo‘s Discord Channels

It get‘s updates from time to time, but not like the official Proxmox Build.

I will post an example installation instruction for Raspberry Pi4 soon here.

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